Strongside Technologies specializes in the development of high quality analytical tools to help organizations of all sizes tackle their toughest problems and achieve operational excellence.

Principal consultant, Bailey Kluczny, has over 13 years experience providing consulting support to clients across multiple industries and has received a Master of Management in Operations Research and Bachelor of Commerce - Transportation and Logistics both from UBC's Sauder School of Business.   

In previous roles at AnalysisWorks Inc and UBC's Centre for Operations Excellence, Bailey has worked with healthcare organizations across Canada and has helped clients around the world improve their factories, airports, supply chains, and theme parks.  Through these engagements, he built a strong expertise in designing and developing business analytics and has honed a specialized skill in the field of simulation.




The Strongside Approach

Listen to the People Involved

Nobody knows how your organization works like your own people.  We listen to people from across your organization to hear about what causes them pain and how they think things could be improved in the future.  Since no improvement project can truly succeed without the support and enthusiasm of the people involved, we strive to hear as many voices as possible to build an understanding of the system, how it works, and why it works that way. 

Understand the Complexity

Nothing these days is plain and simple.  In fact, alot of things are getting really really complicated.  We take time to learn the specific details and complexities within your systems to build a better understanding of the interrationships between your staff, your partners, your equipment, workspace and more.  By getting into the nitty-gritty, we can start uncovering the reasons why things are done in a certain way and begin to understand the impact of changes.

Analyze the Data

We analyze data from across your organization to help you assess performance and identify trends within your operations.  By reviewing key performance metrics and operational statistics over time and across departments, we can begin building up an analytical picture of how your organizations operates.  This initial analysis can yield keen insights into how your organization works that may not have been apparent at the surface.     

Model the Options

After reviewing the existing system data, we work with you to build analytical models that represent how your system behaves both now and under potential future scenarios.  We work hard to ensure our models paint an accurate picture of your facility or system and validate the results against actual data so you can be confident in the results. 

We help bring your planning scenarios to life and provide robust analytical evidence to help support your most difficult strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. 

Quantify the Benefits and Risk

We help you build a better understanding of system risk by evaluating multiple scenarios to quantify the impact of system variability and changes to key assumptions such as: demand forecast, supply cost, supply lead time, task durations, etc.  By considering the randomness and running each scenario numerous times, we can see how well different scenarios perform under more pessimistic or optimistic circumstances. 

Visualize the Results

Since not everyone is a big fan of numbers, we create easy-to-follow charts, diagrams, and videos to communicate our findings.  These visualizations are a powerful tool for illustrating analytical results and for demonstrating how different future state options might perform under a variety of potential future scenarios.

Communicate the Impact

Once an analysis is complete, we pull together all the information gathered and generated througout the process and piece together the story of what was learned.  We translate complex data and results into useful information and communicate our findings to you in plain english.