Simio Advanced Training

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 to Friday, June 10, 2016
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Join us in beautiful Kelowna, BC for Simio Advanced Training. This course is ideal for Simio users looking to take their modeling skills to the next level and for experienced Simulationists transitioning to Simio. The following is a quick synopsis of the material to be covered during the course:

Day 1 - Deep Dive into Modeling Foundations

  • The Simulation Project Process - A quick review of the general flow followed by most simulation projects with important tips for planning and executing simulation projects
  • Quick Review of the Simio Model Building Process - Walk through the process of building a simple model in Simio from beginning to end 
  • Detailed Overview of the Simio Modeling Framework - Go "under the hood" of the Simio modelling environment to review the detailed structures that govern how simulation models run and to build a clear understanding of Simio model elements and their behaviour
  • Standard Object Library (Fixed and Dynamic Objects) - A detailed overview of the objects in the Standard Library and highlight advanced options and newly added features
  • Entity and Vehicle Travel / Routing - Model design strategies for ensuring robust travel and routing behaviour, prioritizing and selecting jobs, and using free space to travel without having to drawing links between model locations
  • Advanced Animation - Strategies for maximizing visual impact of models to support validation, enhance realism, and facilitate buy-in from stakeholders

Day 2 - Complex Logic, Validation, and Reporting

  • Working with Model Data - Best practices for handling input data, keeping model data manageable and scalable, and generating robust output data for scenario analysis
  • Designing Experiments and Interpreting Simulation Results - Strategies for designing and executing complex scenario analyses and interpreting the results
  • Extending Logic with Custom Processes - Detailed overview of Simio process Steps and how to use processes to inject highly customized logic into your models
  • Verification and Validation - Model verification and validation strategies for building trust in how well the simulation represents the real world system it intends to model
  • Dashboard Reports - Generaing re-usable dashboard reports to communicate key performance metrics across different modeliong scenarios

Day 3 - Custom Object Libraries

  • Building Custom Simulation Objects - Demonstrate three different methods for creating customized, re-usable, and sharable simulation objects in Simio
  • Building Fast-Executing Process Models - How to build very fast and lightweight models using only processes and Simio model elements (no facility view animation)
  • Creating and Using Custom Object Libraries - Tips for building, sharing, and maintaining libraries of custom simulation objects for use across multiple team members 
  • Successful Simulation Projects - Overview of factors that commonly contribute to project success or failure to help modelers navigate tricky situations and avoid common simulation pitfalls
  • Overview of New Simio Features - Review a selection of new features recently added to the latest versions of Simio

Fees for the three-day Simio Advanced Training course are CAD$1,495 plus applicable taxes.  For more details or information about registration, please contact Bailey Kluczny.


Phone +1 604 763-4949