We help manufacturers of all sizes cope with changing demand and plan capacity changes with confidence

We provide the analytics to help you clearly identify production bottlenecks and quantify the benefits and risks of different opportunities to improve flow, cut costs and boost profit.  We help you make the difficult decisions by providing analytical evidence to better estimate the impact of system changes such as:

  • New equipment
  • Added staff
  • Changes to facility layout
  • Changes to work processes and scheduling
  • Changes to supplier lead times
  • Make or buy decisions for production components

We help airports understand how new systems and security requirements will impact passenger flow and flight operations.

By considering historical patterns, current circumstances and changes expected in the future, we help airports plan for future demand and quantify how changes can impact passenger wait times, flight delays, connection times, travel distances, and baggage delays.  We provide the analytical evidence to help you make difficult decisions and better understand the impact of system changes such as:

  • New security processes
  • New check-in or baggage processes
  • Changes to gate assignment
  • Provision of new passenger services
  • Changes to ramp operations such as cargo handling, re-fuelling or de-icing

We help organizations quantify the resilience and risk of their current and future supply chains  

We help you unravel the complexity in your supply chains by turning your raw data and reports into information you can act on.  We build analytical tools that consider historical data, current circumstances, and your experts' inside knowledge to provide the analytical evidence to help you make tough decisions and better understand how profit, costs, and supply availability could be impacted by system changes such as:

  • Shifting demand patterns
  • Changing lead times
  • New inventory policies
  • New supplier options
  • New facility layout
  • Changes to make or buy policies

We help hospitals and health regions deal with changing patient demand and plan changes to health services delivery

We help you understand your organization's future resource needs and provide detailed analyses to quantify the benefits and risks of future planning scenarios.  We understand how healthcare systems work and can provide analytical evidence to help you assess the impact of system changes such as:

  • Aging patient demographics and increase volume
  • Changes to resource allocation and scheduling rules
  • Changes to healthcare services delivery processes
  • New equipment, new staff, new beds, and new facilities
  • Changes to facility layout

We help Aerospace companies tackle the massive complexity in their manufacturing systems and supply chains.  

Through the development of planning and operational tools that consider both historic patterns and current circumstances, we help you improve your situational awareness and provide analytical evidence to support critical decisions.  Some of the solutions we can offer include:

  • Manufacturing capacity analysis and expansion planning to meet future demand
  • Manufacturing flow and scheduling analysis
  • Assessment of supply chain risk under different configurations
  • Fleet planning and ownership cost projections